Even though that are currently plenty of mid-range smartphones that are available today, it is still the hottest segment when it comes to the new launches. Every single day the launches of getting exciting due to the arrival of many phones that are going to compete not only with the mid-range smartphones, but the higher segment phones as well. This could be due to the presence of a number of companies that have experience in making high-end smart phones. Samsung is one of these companies and they have introduced the new Samsung Galaxy Gio. Samsung Galaxy Gio deals provide you just something that fits in your pocket.

The Samsung Galaxy Gio will be coming with a 3.2 inch touch screen display that is going to be highly addictive mainly because of the resolution that it supports. The maximum resolution of 320 x 480 pixels is something that you will be not only witnessing only in the high-end phones, but it to be seeing this kind of resolution in a mid-range smartphone is nothing except extraordinary. The Samsung Galaxy Gio will be coming with excellent support by the way of memory cards, which will be doing justice to the number of entertainment features that are present in the phone. Normally, you will be finding quite a number of entertainment features in the mid-range smartphones, but to be having such a lot of options within the Samsung Galaxy Gio will really surprise many.

The Samsung Galaxy Gio will be using the 3.15 megapixel camera that makes use of the LED flash and autofocus options to the maximum effect. Even though this might not be the best camera when it comes to the megapixel rating, it is more than adept at taking high quality images due to the presence of these options. The Samsung Galaxy Gio will be having the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, which makes use of the 800 MHz processor present in the phone. The processor is highly powerful and this can be seen from the way in which the operating system behaves. There are many phones in the mid-range smartphone segment that will be experiencing significant depreciation in the quality of the operating system, but it is something that will not be affecting the Samsung Galaxy Gio due to the presence of this processor.

Also, it is one of the reasons for the Samsung Galaxy Gio to be supporting the countless applications that are available for this version of Android online. It will be able to support each and every one of them in the best possible manner. The applications can be used to enhance the phone. They can be downloaded from the Android app market using connectivity features, which totally resemble the high-end smartphone segment. This is due to the presence of options like 3G, Wi-Fi, micro-USB and Bluetooth. While the first two will be associating the phone in getting the content from the Internet, the latter two will be helping in the sharing of it. The Samsung Galaxy Gio will be available in the UK from March. Moreover, you may also desire to explore Samsung Galaxy Fit deals for other available deals.

Megaman X:Command Missionis a role-playing game for the Nintendo Gamecube. The main character is X. The game starts off with X, Zero and Shadow infiltrating some ruins in Giga City to halt the activities of Epsilon, the Rebellion. As they enter a building they suddenly come under attack,where they get slip up into two groups. X and Zero meet up later in the building. When they reach the top of the building they find shadow … along with Epsilon. Epsilon encounters them and tells them of a vision, in hopes that they will join the cause. X and Zero deny his offer and ready their selves for battle when shadow betrays them. The Story Begins.

In the game you meet lots of characters including Massimo, Cinnamon, Axl, Marino, and spider. With a unique story behind them and unique abilities that contribute X’s and makes the game easier. With plenty of areas to explore,masses of Mavericks to destroy,and Items/Force Metal to find the game offers plenty of hours of game play. There isn’t any re-playability, but there is an open ending with a couple side bosses. Also there are Figures that you can buy which are pretty hard to get which will keep you tied.

The Battle System on the game is turn-based and happens kind of randomly as you explore areas. Usually the character withe the highest goes first and so on… when its your turn you can set x and y to sub-weapons and shoot them both,then use your main-weapon to attack,or there is also a action trigger you can use for your characters. If you don’t do either of those, you can pull up the menu where you can use Sub Tank to heal you and your party members,you can use items to boost yourself, heal your injuries/viruses,Revive partners,or damage the enemy,defend mode will make damage less and make your next turn come quicker, Hyper mode for fortified Armor and increased attack, or if your scared Run!

Overall this is a great game , with alright to awesome music,and pretty trippy visuals,I give it a 3of 5 because it was way to repetitive but kept me occupied. Good Luck its 2010!

Game Website

Game website reviews: Yahoo games
From the hardcore gamer to people who just want to entertain themselves online, Yahoo! Games has something for everyone.

On the top of the site, you can click on different game categories such as Arcade, Board, Card and Puzzle, which is good if you want to jump right in. But there’s much more to discover here, the site is worth exploring.

Below the categories, a unique part of Yahoo! Games is a section of featured articles. In this area, you’ll find content for people who are serious about games and have their own systems at home.

Those recently included a feature on the Wii Fit game, a trailer for a new movie based on a game and a link to Yahoo’s Sims Site. That’s where you can create an online character, not a feature you’ll see on some of the other game sites out there. To the right, you can click on featured videos, such as one on Grand Theft Auto.

This section of the website is a place where people who have their own game systems at home can come in, and check to see what the latest news is. But even if you don’t know what a Wii is, there’s plenty to do on Yahoo! Games.

As you head a little lower, youll see 20 Top Games listed vertically on the left. In the middle, there’s a “Quick Play” section for free games. Click on “More” and you’ll see about 50 games.

Some are very basic and are typical games offered on free sites, such as Bricks Breaking, in which you collapse bricks by clicking on bunches of the same color. In Taxi Gone Wild, you’ll drive a taxi that can swerve around other cars, or jump over them.

If you’re looking for something different, click on games marked “Staff Pick”. For example, there’s Detective Grimoire, a game in which you have to solve a murder. The characters grunt weirdly sometimes; but for a free game, it’s pretty good.

Back on the main page, there is also a “Staff Pick” section. You can download a free trial version of these games, or purchase full versions. Underneath that, there are more articles about games and game-related items. A couple of these are repeated from the featured section at the top.

Next, you’ll find GameTap. According to the sign, you can play these for free until December 31, 2008. Plus, there’s an age-appropriate rating system and a brief summary, which can be handy for parents.

The final box at the bottom is for “Five Minute Daily Games” such as a Sudoku puzzle and a crossword.

Overall, there’s plenty to do on Yahoo! Games, and plenty to occupy gamers of different levels.

Every year game developers come out with a new fun an exciting video game which is a gamers must have. Activision and Infinity Ward have done it once again! Call of Duty has a long line of making great war video games. MW2 has implemented a new mode enabling your friends to use either split-screen or online to play together and play the Spec ops missions. After reviewing the game it has nothing out of the ordinary, yet it is still fun and addicting. Many remember Modern Warfare and its famous characters such as Soap,Ghost and Cap. Price and well its a great thing Infinity Ward has utilized them once again.

There is so much to tell and this is all due to the “Dev’s” who have put much time and effort to release this successful game, and trust me there is much detail to everything ranging from the weapons, characters, vehicles and backround/setting. The story line is well developed and it is a specialty that Activison has been doing for the past Call of Duty series of games. Many might be asking themselves how many achievements there is and how much Gamer score you can get, that is for Xbox owners, there a total of 50 achievements and a total of 1000 Gamer score. Very easy to achieve and you can get all achievements in campaign, that means no more multi-player only achievements! Well at least for the Modern Warfare series. MW2 takes place ranging from Washington D.C. and as south as Brazil. For those who are new to playing first-person or new to the Call of Duty series you should put your level to easy and for all you experienced out there there is only one difficulty to go, Veteran.

There has however been one very controversial mission called “No Russian,” Infinity Ward has implemented a warning system that asks to proceed playing the mission which is very graphic for some. This mission consists of going on a rampage in a Russian airport, killing innocent people along the way. The only country to ban the game because of this was Russia; many had viewed it has pro-terrorist. It is all part of the story, and I don’t see an immediate removal of this level.

But most of you gamers out there only care about the online play, Infinity Ward has done a great job overall the weapons and explosion are as real as they can get when playing at my friend’s house with a 5.1 surround sound system and some car Kickers making it 6.1 surround sound is as good as it gets. And it is just seamless when playing it on my very big 1080p LCD. Of course you don’t need all this to enjoy it but playing it at its true potential is a wonderful sight.

Now back to the online play, it is the same as Modern Warfare except the icons such as the experience bar has been greatly increased visual wise. New exciting maps, Weapons it can be fast paced sometimes and there is no rest for the weary. Great game modes such as 3rd Person cage match allowing you to play 1vs1 online on 3rd person view, or for Hardcore people as myself, Hardcore team Deathmatch. A definite plus is the wide range of perks and the mix and match you can use. This game overall is one of the best games ever made and a definite must for all gamers out there.

Release Date: June 2007
ESRB Rating: Rating Pending
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Mistwalker
Price: $49.95

From the makers of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger comes my future favorite game ever!

From publisher, Microsoft Game Studios and three of the greatest minds in gaming: Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy; Akira Toriyama, artist of Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball Z; and Nobuo Uematsu, composer for Final Fantasy, comes this amazing 1-player role playing game set to be released this summer for the Xbox 360.

Many of you remember the famed Super Nintendo RPG, Chrono Trigger, which was the last time these three game geniuses worked together. After the release in Japan, 1up.com released their own preview of the anticipated game for all the excited fans waiting on the US release. You can see this complete preview with tons of beautiful screen shots, videos and much more at the 1Up site.

Right off the bat from screens and videos you can see the high quality of the graphics and the artistry put in by Toriyama in true RPG-style. The main character has a striking Dragon Ball resemblance in typical Japanimation style. The world is vibrant, lively and engaging and there are wilderness areas with every detail included, elemental effects, carefully designed villages and towns and so much more. The consistency throughout the world is similar to what you would find in Zelda games and entices you to explore.

But Blue Dragon doesn’t just look good. The game play is great and the battle system well thought out. You can learn a multitude of skills while you level up as well as acquire new accessories to aid you in your battles. In addition to the core battle system, they have implemented a system to allow you to choose which battles you want to enter. All enemies are easily spotted and you can choose if you want to avoid them or fight. Learning how to use your opponents is one unique and interesting feature of the game.

About the game: The “blue dragon” is a shadow character that the main character, Shu can summon. The other two characters have their own special “blues” which they can also summon. Kluke (the female character) has Phoenix Shadow, a bluebird; Jiro, the other member of the trio cast, has Shadow of Minotaur, a blue cow. Once you get past the initial stages of the Blue Dragon, your shadow character will do most of the work for you in battles; it is your job to tell him what to do.

Blue Dragon has more than just battles, however. In true RPG style, there are many places to explore, tons of cut-scenes, chests full of valuable items to discover and other game-play elements such as pulling key levers, closing doors before enemies get in and much more.

The cut-scenes and story line are well thought out and actually pertain to the storyline and plot of the game. They are not boring and irrelevant. I’ve heard the voice-overs in the Japan version are truly high class. It is yet to be released which actors are doing the voice-overs for the English version but let’s just hope they do as good a job as the Japan version.

Already released in Japan, Joystick reports that people stood in line to be some of the first to pick up a copy of Blue Dragon. Pre-orders were sold out as everyone wanted to get their hands on this hot new game. Statistics show that Blue Dragon sold over 70,000 units in the first week, which for Microsoft is a pretty big deal in Japan.

This may well be the next best, well thought our role-playing game for the console in many years! Many US gamers are saying Blue Dragon will be the reason they buy a 360 and based on the reaction in Japan and on many US previews, like they will not be disappointed.

Extraordinary entertaining elements of Clash Royale these days increase the overall interests of many people to play this mobile strategy video game all through the leisure. The best in class sound effects and catchy graphics do not fail to satisfy all players of this game. If you are a beginner or a regular player of this multiplayer online battle game at this time, then you have more than a few ideas and wishes about how to successfully achieve your goal in this game. You can make use of the world-class Clash Royale Hack tool and get the desired assistance for increasing overall gems, gold and elixir in your account almost immediately.  As compared to using an outdated online hack tool for generating free gems, gold or elixir without a guarantee about your privacy, you can prefer and use the 100% undetectable online hack tool hereafter.

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In these days, most of children and youngsters wish to play some impressive games in order to avoid stress and tension. The people have to find an interesting game to play otherwise they can’t feel good.   The simcity buildit is truly a best simulation game that is now exclusively available for android and ios devices. This simulation game can give certain satisfaction to each and every player so now most of people love to play simcity buildit game. Normally players should keep some resources to stay well ahead in the game. The hack is a key method to bring out some exciting features of this simulation game. The players can simply dominate the game by the help of well suitable hack that may be either downloaded hack tool or online hack tool.  This exciting game helps people get valid entertainment so now mobile users can play this game very often.

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The long-awaited update October has finally come to the hit mobile game Clash of Clans. While it has introduced a couple of features and improvements, the focus is the so-called Wars . It is certainly an exciting addition fans can easily enjoy. Here it is all about it in a nutshell.

As indicated in the official website through the comfortable element Wars, players will have the chance to go against friends or fellow groups. They can go to war for almost an hour or so, which is shorter compared to clan wars. However, it will involve five players on each team and it will make the coc hack redundant .

It is also noteworthy that the clash of clans game has a new feature to offer. From now on, players will be able to add friends using the corresponding profile of another player. By looking through the ball player  they can achieve this. Additionally, it implies that even when people are producing some changes, assistance can be sent by them throughout the fights above.

Apart from the challenge , players can quickly train two fully charged soldiers. And take note, this can be as simple as two taps. Supercell is safe to say that is trying to make the game worth playing again. After all, they have to ensure their existence in the market, especially with the arrival of Niantic Pokemon GO.

As previously reported here iTech Post, the study reiterated that through the October update, Clash of Clans is once again Glitch free. That not only new features introduced, a couple of improvements and enhancements also broke. Of course, is for the sole reason to make the gaming experience as smooth as possible.

Just like all activities, ensure that your kid remains touching the truth that this globe that is digital is just a sport. Focus on whether or not they aren’t getting some of it also significantly or are or bother additional people who strike their ideologies. When they can’t preserve a practical and healthier perspective of the overall game, they ought to most likely not perform.

Set strict time limits on the game. Children seem to find this highly addictive game. As with all online activities, establish reasonable time limits on it.

Clash of Clans seems to be a fun and challenging game that arguably has some educational value because it is a strategy game. However, after doing some research and listen to users participating in the regular game, not a game you want to play your young children unattended.

The pattern of age to play the game is 9+, but because strangers can be playing with your kids and there are uncensored chat rooms available to them, I feel the age limit should be at least 13. The game also it is highly addictive and enforces time limits that can be a challenge for parents.

To the shock of players interested Achievements, you can check all the details of the update abovehere.

A lot of individuals are madly fans of the football games and they would always like to play and watch the football games daily. When you want to get the different and modern experience of playing football games, all the players should definitely have to try Madden NFL game. It is nothing but the popular US based football video game series with the excellent game play environment. This game series was actually developed by the EA Tiburon for the EA sports. Millions of Americans are great fans of playing this football video game along with the madden nfl hack online. They would often wish to use hack tool for this game in order to instantly earn unlimited numbers of gaming resources.

Madden NFL football game series:

At all times, there are passionate fans for the football games and they are ready to do anything for getting participation in the football game play. By this way, participating in this football video game will be definitely a very nice experience to everyone. Although it is the virtual football game with the virtual players, the graphics and gaming environment of the Madden NFL would be completely realistic for the American players. As compared to all other football video games, it only got the recognition of the best and realistic game than others.

This Madden NFL game is also well known for the mobile platforms because the latest series of this madden series game will also support the mobile platforms to play on your smart phones and tablets. For these madden nfl series game, there are about 5 to 7 million passionate fans available who are also the regular players on the PC or mobile devices. The football league in this madden game series actually include the characters of the real football players who are your childhood heroes. The players of this game is called as the madden players or NFL players who will play against such gaming characters in the football league.


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In a clash royale games players are ranked by the trophies and level and this game having the maximum level of thirteen. In this game need 6 players and each three players are considered to be one team. So if you want to win this team then you have to destroy the opponent center side and you can also save your team center side. In an each level you have to battle against the opponent team and you have to get the chest. It is only really helpful to unlock the troop for certain amount of time. If you want to speed up unlock then you can use the gems. But getting the gems is the difficult task because you have to use your real world currency. If you don’t want to use the real world currency then the clash royale hack might really helpful to the players.

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